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The simple 6-step process.

We make applying for a mortgage a seamless process while eliminating the stress.
How it works
Our seamless 6 steps needed to apply for your mortgage.

Becoming a homeowner doesn't have to be a hassle. Southeast Bankers Mortgage Corporation is here to simplify the process and eliminate the stress and headaches that are often associated with it. If you're a first-time buyer, you're in great hands. Our team is here to consult you and see to it that you get approved, no problem.

  • Start your application.

    We meet with you to discuss the mortgage process in greater detail. This includes a thorough review of your listing income, credit report, debts, and assets. We will take care of a pre-approval letter to make sure your application is far more likely to be approved.

  • Meet with the realtor.

    After our initial meeting, you'll work with a realtor to go over a more specific pre-approval.

  • Submission of documentation.

    Working with our team, you will provide your pay stubs, salary, and bank statements. This information is then sent to an underwriter. During this phase, you will also work on obtaining regular property insurance and together we will make sure it is satisfactory. If needed, we will discuss mortgage insurance.

  • The appraisal and title-work are ordered.

    The appraisal and title-work are ordered for the property that you're looking at buying to make sure everything is in order, accurate, and that you're not overpaying. We will order these through an attorney.

  • Review.

    After everything is cleared with your attorney and there are no remaining issues, we will receive a list of conditions from the underwriter. Our team will work directly with you to make sure that all of the conditions are satisfied.

  • Close it out!

    We go to the closing table.

Let's get started.

You have only 6 easy steps to make towards your dream home.